Compose your own music with the Easy Song Builder

Compose your own music just by playing around with the Easy Song Builder. This is totaly free music composition software; an extra feature to help you compose songs while you follow the compose music lessons, or just for fun. You can create a song just by listening and choosing. The only thing you have to do is make some choices and push some buttons. That’s all! The program does the rest, it is a sort of artificial intelligence that knows everything about the art of composition.


After downloading ESB, start the program, and follow the instructions in the manual. Choose Lesson 1, this only contains the elements we have discussed so far.
– It generates chord progressions with I, IV and V (and V7)
– Uses non chord notes: passing & auxiliary notes, anticipations, appogiatura’s, suspensions, retardations.
– It actually also uses cadences already, but never mind that, we will discuss them later on.


So, what are you waiting for? Make a beautiful song, and discover and develop your own creativity in the process. Become a music composer yourself. With the soon to be released version 2.0 of the Easy Song Builder you will be able to create your own movie soundtrack, classical or new age music, rock or rap music, latin music or jazz music, brazilian music like Antonio Carlos Jobim used to make, reggae music or any other style from the long list of music genres that are around these days.